We’re Now On Amazon!

THIMS is now on Amazon!

There’s indeed nothing quite like a great pair of socks. They keep your feet warm, they help reduce odors and sweat, and they even make your feet and toes look super cute—if you’ve got THIMS No-Show Socks, that is!

We’ve created the ultimate cute low-cut socks for women who love living life on the go but still want to embrace their colorful, fun, and creative side. Available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and even images, these trendy cotton socks are lightweight, breathable, and offer just the right thickness to cushion your every step. Each series come in a pack of 5!

Read on to see the exclusive designs we are offering on Amazon!

1. A Tri-color Series

Easily one of our favorite no show sock designs in the selection! Basic yet trendy with a splash of colors.








2. A Sail Away Series

Affectionately named “Sail Away” for this series, it sure brings back childhood memories about the popular cartoon Sailor Moon!









3. A Pastel Series

You can never go wrong with pastel colors! They are subtle and yet pleasing to the eyes.









4. A Tribal Series

For those who simply love intricate patterns and vibrant colors, this one is for you!









5. A Stationery Series

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Every artist was first an amateur.” This series is a mash of tools for a budding artist – scrapbooks, paint, crayons and colors altogether.









6. A Mini Polka Dots Series

Polka dots is said to be one of the most versatile designs. We agree and that is why we’re bringing to you the ol’ classics!









7. A Whimsical Series

This series has a mix of everything you can think of – fish bones, lollipops, and chicks, thus, its name – whimsical 😉









We hope you like these socks and we hope to create more socks to bring comfort to your feet!

In the meantime, click HERE to head to AMAZON to put these in your cart and later on your feet!