Socks for Gift


We have heard many times that it is the thought that counts! And nothing counts as more thoughtful than pairs of socks because you're solving their sock woes! Gift someone with an awesome package of socks delivered right to their door so that they'd never leave home with holes in their socks!

  • Sock package will be gift wrapped and affixed with your personalised message
  • Free International Shipping
  • Available for Men & Women
  • Choose between Show 'Ems or Hide 'Ems.
  • Show 'Ems hits most 1/4 or mid-calves; Hide 'Ems are ankle or hidden socks.
  • Fun, random designs. How fun! It's like receiving a box of chocolates, you never know what is inside – except we're sure socks don't melt.
  • 70% combed cotton, 25% nylon,  5% elastane. 100% no holes 😉