What is a socks subscription?

We’re so glad you asked! It’s similar to a magazine subscription where you’d receive an issue of the magazine every month – except that for our case, you receive an awesome pair of socks every month in your mailbox!

Why should I consider a sock subscription?

This is such an awesome question because it’s the core of our existence! You should get a sock subscription service because

1. You do not want to be caught in embarrassing situations anymore where you find that you have holes in our socks.

2. It is probably the most hip thing to receive awesome socks in the mail every month. A dedicated surprise of socks month after month.

3. You no longer have to sit and think where is the nearest pasar malam where you can buy socks from each time you have sock woes.

4. It’s free shipping – you’d simply sit at home and receive the socks. We’re basically your socks butler, how cool is that?

Can I buy a subscription for someone?

You’re such a sweet person and how can we say no to that? We are huge believers of gifts and there’s nothing more awesome than to receive a pair of socks every month as gifts!

You can choose to pay monthly and send them socks every month for as long as you want to keep paying. Or you can pay once and send them socks for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Or you can purchase a once off gift from our Socks For Gift page! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS (actually, there are just three possibilities).

Why do you only have some socks for sale on your website? What about those I see in your FB and IG?

We’re oh-so-glad to be able to answer this! Actually … we have tons and tons of socks! We feature some socks each time on the website because we typically keep the bulk of the socks for subscription and we’d like to keep the element of surprise so every month it’s awesome when you open the mail!

Why do you only have men and women socks? How about children and baby socks?

You are reading our minds because we are on it! Children’s feet is a combination of art and science and we’re on it as we type so we hope to launch that section really soon!

How do I create an account?

Click on the account icon on the top right side of the page (next to the cute lil shopping cart). Click on the Grey “Register” word and key in your email and create a password — then VOILA! You’ll be able to view and manage your orders, as well as make sure your billing and shipping information is accurate.

I’d like to receive more than 1 pair of socks every month, is it possible?

We’d never say no to someone working on his or her socks collection! You’d have to add another subscription to your cart before checking out. Don’t worry about getting two of the same design if you have multiple subscriptions. Each pair in your monthly shipment will be different.

How do I care for the socks?

After your first tender moments together, machine wash them in cold water with like colours. Line dry. And don’t rip the tag off like a savage. Snip it delicately with scissors. Then let your THIMS socks pamper your feet for ages to come.

I have just made a purchase for a pair of socks, when will I receive it?

Good on you! We process new orders right away and we send out our socks from our little headquarter in Singapore. If you’re residing in Singapore you should receive the socks between 3 and 4 days. International shipping times vary and would depend on where you live. The last we tried, it shouldn’t take more than 3 weeks!

Socks subscription is so cool and I’ve just subscribed! When would I receive my socks for the 1st month?

For orders placed between 1st and 14th (by 11:59PM GMT+8) of the month – Socks will be shipped to reach all destinations no later than 30th of the month. If the month is February, the socks will reach no later than 3rd February.
For orders placed between 15th and 29th (by 11:59PM GMT+8) of the month – Socks will be shipped to reach all destinations no later than 15th of the month. If the month is February, the socks will reach no later than 18th February.
You’ll receive the socks around the same time every month, give and take a couple of days.

I don’t live in Singapore, can I still subscribe or purchase?

Yes of course! We offer free international shipping! *throws confetti*

What if I don’t like the socks I received?

Not possible. Never going to happen. You will love them and you will wear them and your life will be better because of them. But if you really don’t like the socks you get, we suggest giving them to someone as a gift or making a sock puppet since we don’t accept exchanges. It’s part of the beauty of randomness ☺

What are your socks made of?

Our socks are 70% combed cotton, 25% nylon, 5% elasticity. 100% no holes! ☺

Some designs fit or feel different from others. Why?

Different designs call for different amounts of thread. Some designs require more thread and this gives the sock a thicker and sometimes different feel, purely because of the amount of thread used to make the sock.

I have a question that you didn’t answer.

Do drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll sure to get back with answers! There are some questions we are unable to answer though – especially anything relating to light years or if you ask how is it that we’re so awesome (we’re totally clueless.)

How do I cancel my subscription?

Oh we’re gonna miss you ☹
To cancel, log in to your Account Page, click Edit Subscription, then choose Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the page. Or send us an email at [email protected] to let us know you want to cancel.
If you cancel by email, please include the following info: Your name, subscription type, and the address where you receive your socks. That way, we’ll be sure to cancel only your subscription and not one you may have sent as a gift.
For more information, you may refer to our cancellation policy.